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Mars and Meteor Madness with Dr. Sky

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Drsky Eclipse Photos 2017


Download the zip file containing two photos from the party. 11 megabyte file size.

Dr.Sky “Great American Total Solar Eclipse Expedition Survival Guide 2017”

Dr Sky Eclipse Survival Guide_html_abb85cb

Dr.Sky “Great American Total Solar Eclipse Expedition Survival Guide 2017” August 21st 2017 Introduction: Welcome to our website coverage of what may well be the largest Astronomy event in the past century! We hope that this tutorial, will be of help to you and yours, so you may get the most out of this […]

The fifth Annual Picture Perfect Park Wine & Food Tasting.


Join us Saturday, April 8th, under the sky at the beautiful Lost Dutchman State Park for its Fifth Annual Picture Perfect Park Wine & Food Tasting. Hosted by: Friends of Lost Dutchman State Park Master of Ceremonies: Dr. Sky, Steve Kates This is going to be the best ever Annual Picture Perfect Lost Dutchman State […]



Get set for the best full moon of ALL of 2016! The November 2016 full moon, is known as the Full Beaver Moon, or a Super Moon The moon will rise on the night of November 13th to provide observers with the best and closest full moon of all 2016! This full Super Moon, will […]

Perseid Meteor Shower In Possible “Outburst” This Week


Meteor season is here! Get set for what might be; one of the best meteor showers of the entire year! The 2016 Perseids are peaking later this week, with the potential of a very unique, “outburst”; from particles that have been moved closer to Earth, by Jupiter! The meteor streams of 1079AD, 1479 AD and […]

Meteor Madness with DrSky


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  After a nearly five year journey, JUNO has arrived at the giant planet Jupiter! This is a most amazing mission and one that will reveal an amazing amount of information about how Jupiter was formed, when it was formed and the mystery of what lies below the clouds of Jupiter. Launched back in August […]


Mars, the red god of war, reached opposition on May 22nd! Mars will then continue to move closer to Earth and will be the closest to Earth in some 11 years, on May 30th. At that time, Mars will be some 46,777,481 miles from Earth! This is a close opposition for Mars and those with […]



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Get set for a rather rare transit of the planet Mercury on Monday, May 9th 2016!We have not had a Mercury transit for a number of years and now is the time to prepare for this exciting event! CAUTION- Do NOT stare at the Sun without proper eye protection!The best method to view this transit […]


Nickelodeon debuts first footage of iconic green slime in space

Nickelodeon used its Kids' Choice Awards show broadcast to premiere the first footage of its trademark green slime floating on board the International Space Station.